Descriptives Scratchpad

This page let's you quickly calculate mean and three measures of variation based on a small sample of 6 subjects. Use the tab key to go to the first data box. Enter a score, then tab again to go to the next box. And so on. Notice that you are also shown the squared deviation scores for each individual.


Mean and N

In order to calculate measures of variation you first need to know the mean.

Mean: .00
N: .00
df: .00

Deviation Squared Scores

Below you'll find the squared deviation score for each person. You can check these mentally by subtracting the mean from each individual score, then squaring that result.

S1: .00
S2: .00
S3: .00
S4: .00
S5: .00
S6: .00

Measures of Variation

Below you will find the key variation measures.

SS: .00
s^2: .00
SD: .00