Major web design update in progress.

I am very slowly updating my personal website starting in January 2020. The website won’t be complete until September 2020. I’m taking my sabbatical time to learn new web design tools.

Digital teaching & learning

The primary purpose of this website is to share some of the most powerful digital learning tools I’ve used in my own courses and seem to be quite effective for student learning. In addition I’ve transformed two of the masters-level courses I usually teaching in the Educational Technology program into open-access courses available to all educators. I also provide overviews of the courses I regularly teach in the School of Education at the University of San Francisco. Finally the About page provides a bit of background information about me. 

Tools for today's world

This area will grow over time but the focus for 2020 and 2021 are two very powerful digital tools: mind maps and markdown. Both pages offer mini-courses on using these tools.

Mind Maps

Mind maps are a great visual tool for structuring your thinking about a research paper, a project, creating a new home, or almost anything. If you use the best software ($25 only) then it's easy to add notes to each node and later export the whole shebang as a markdown or Word file for word smithing.


Markdown is a very simple coding language that allows you to write for the web and other things. I use markdown to create all my text documents, presentations, web content, and much more. It takes about an hour to learn and practice markdown Maybe 3 hours, at most, to master markdown. Then a whole new world of apps and easiness of content creation opens up to you.


These courses are based on the content used in two courses I teach at the University of San Francisco. The courses contain all the basic learning materials and the exercises used. They do not include feedback and coaching provided in the full course, nor the same timing restrictions. The courses will be updated as warranted with new information and exercises over time. 

The first course, on Audio Production, will arrive in September 2020. The other course, on Web Design, arrives in June 2021.

Audio Production

This course covers all the basics of audio production needed for creating educational audio: for use in the classroom, instruction online or out of the classroom, and for podcasting. The course starts with focusing on the story you want to tell, scripting, audio gear, recording, editing, mixing, and much more.

Web Design

This course is about creating your own website: either to use as a complement to a LMS or to be more outward-facing and connect to other educators. We start by developing the conceptual structure of your website, learning to use markdown, becoming familiar with WordPress, using Elementor Pro (a fantastic page and theme builder), and a variety of other powerful techniques and tools.


I provide short descriptions and key information about the most common courses I teaching at the University of San Francisco. Some of those courses are offered in the Learning and Instruction doctoral program and others in the Educational Technology master's program.


Doctoral level course that explores key research into learning strategies. Topics include multimedia learning, visual models, cognitive load, self-explanation, self-regulated learning, worked examples, and more.


Doctoral level course that explores key research into various motivational research theories and strategies. Topics include attribution theory, flow theory, goal theory, self-determination, interest theory, and more.

Story Lab

Master's level course that explores how to create effective audio presentations for educational audiences. Topics include storytelling, scripting, audio gear, recording techniques, editing, mixing, and more.

Web Lab

Master's level course that explore how to create effective educational websites. Topics include: web structure, markdown, the WordPress environment, Elementor Pro for theme and page design, and much more.