Mathew Mitchell

I am a full professor within the School of Education at the University of San Francisco. My work centers around multimedia learning and learning strategies. I teach a variety of courses in two programs: Learning & Instruction doctoral and Educational Technology master's programs.

Current Courses

Below are links to the most recent courses I have taught. This currently includes all Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 courses.

Note: All course websites are password protected. This means if you have not been invited to register for the course you won't be able to access the sites. If you are a student in a course and can not access the relevant website then please use the email link on this page to let me know about the problem. I will correct in less than 24 hours.

ETK 604

Digital Storytelling Lab

A course offered in the Educational Technology master's program. Students from all programs are welcome to take this course.

Next offered: Spring 2018 semester.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the essentials of good educational storytelling in a digital format. You get your hands e-dirty with the essence of audio production: recording, editing, mixing, and sharing. We start by identifying a story you want to tell, then moving through the writing, recording, editing, and mixing processes. In fact we go through this cycle of steps twice so you get a decent amount of practice at each skill.

L&I 700

Cognitive Psychology

First year doctoral course for L&I students. We explore the thinking and research behind 9 key learning strategies.

Next offered: Spring 2018 semester.

This course provides an overview of some of the most important research in educational psychology over the past 25 years. We explore a subset of cognitive psychology research: the body of research exploring effective learning strategies. Overall the course provides instruction in three areas: strategies for learning, thinking like a researcher, and making connections between theory and practice.

GED 706

Applied Statistics

The Applied Statistics course provides an introduction to statistical analysis for doctoral-level students.

Next offered: Fall 2018 semester.

Statistical analysis is all about reasoning under uncertainty. Given that we almost never have complete information, how do we make the wisest decisions possible using the available evidence? This isn’t a simple process and is one we’ll explore throughout the semester. In addition to making decisions, we also want to have a sense for the potential practical impact of the decision.

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