Open Access Courses

There are two courses that I am making open access. This means anyone can use them. These courses contain all the basic content of the full-bodied versions I offer at USF: Digital Storytelling Lab and Web Design Lab. These versions do NOT include all the activities, feedback, and other interactive features of the full course. But for an motivated educator the contents and exercises in these courses will be highly useful. Both courses will be updated over time reflecting current changes in both areas. Both contain videos created by myself, but also a large number of videos I’ve curated that were created (and freely shared) by great professional screencasters.

Audio Production

Audio Production Content goes here. This will be where I put the stuff I’m working on this semester. I’ll need to explain open-access and the limitations relative to a regular USF course. What are the opportunities

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Web Design

Web Design content goes here Purpose stuff here Syllabus more here The Nine Modules content here and this is the end

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