USF Courses

The courses below are ones I consistently teach at the University of San Francisco’s School of Education. I do teach other courses on a more occasional basis, but each of these courses will be offered over the next two years.


Motivation Next Offered: Fall 2020 semester. This course explores how to increase student motivation and engagement by learning from the best educational research evidence available. This home page serves as the course syllabus and describes the

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Digital Storytelling Lab

StoryLab You get your hands e-dirty with the essence of audio production: recording, editing, mixing, and sharing. We start by identifying a set of presentations you want to create, then moving through the scripting, recording, editing,

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Web Design Lab

Web Design Lab Intro text here Structure The diagram below shows the structure of the next version of the course (Spring 2021). Please note that some things may change between now and then. And this is

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